Our patented packaging

Alanfood decided to protect your ideas and intuitions, the result of constant and continuous research, which led him to create a new and inviting product: the "risotto in champagnotta"

The glass , a healthy, non-polluting container, which allows a glimpse of everything inside, is what best can enclose the selected products from Alanfood.

Innovation is thus not only in the substance of the recipes, but also in the packaging, which stands out for its freshness and originality : a bottle of sparkling wine, the champagnotta in an extra clear glass.

Like many of the best inventions, this idea came from playing. We had started from the classic flow-packs, up to the glass jars. But we were looking for that detail that could make the difference and create an emotion .

This is how bottled rice was born, a a product which has been recognized as unique throughout Europe and which therefore boasts EU protection .