Our passion... your taste!

Alanfood develops excellent Italian products that perfectly combine traditional flavors and the desire to experiment and innovate . Thanks to the synergy with Italian producers, Alanfood has created a line of ready-to-eat risottos that is unique in its kind: not only for the flavor but also for the quality of presentation.

Alan Trade risottos are produced with an artisanal method and with quality ingredients , 100% natural and coming from our lands . They are packaged just after mixing, without the aid of automatic machines and subject to strict quality controls throughout the production process.

The vegetables and herbs that enrich our products are all typical regional excellences. Harvested at the optimal ripening time, while still very fresh, they are subjected to a dehydration process which keeps their nutritional properties , taste and fragrance intact.

In Alanfood risottos every single ingredient is precious . This is why it is best valued, with the aim of creating a product that is balanced in all its aromatic nuances. All the ingredients also come from natural crops and free from GMO genetically modified organisms